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Elder Tech Trends

Imagine a time where technology can actually help our growing elderly population. Well, that time is here and gaining traction. Technology is modifying life for us all in big and small ways every day. For example, assistive equipment offers opportunities for greater accessibility than ever before. It can also help with learning new skills and find entertainment. There are three ways technology can be used to support independence in older adults.

For example, communication, assistive, telemonitoring, telehealth and other technology-enabled services are steadily improving lives.

Cutting edge memory care assistive technologies include:

Virtual Reality (VR) Goggles, Wireless Monitoring Devices, Fall Detection Watches,

UnaliWear offers 3-in-one fall prevention modification reminder and wandering prevention. This brand has a built-in battery system that doesn’t require removal to charge, compared to smartphone-based devices. It also has AI-based sensors to analyze user location patterns and provide predictive support, which helps prevent future wandering and accidents. An accelerometer detects falls in real time, immediately warning caregivers, which some seniors may find more convenient than pressing a button.

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