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MUSD Maricopa Partners Luncheon

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

Partnering with MUSD Creates Workforce Development

MUSD Superintendent Dr. Tracey Lopeman, did an amazing job today of presenting Maricopa Partners with details of the hard work that goes into creating a superior school experience. Marlene Armstrong, Principal of Desert Sunrise High School and Deana McNamee, Principal at Maricopa High School provided a summary of some of their accomplishments and goals.

Their collective goal is to prepare students for college and solid careers. The hope is that many of the students use their education and skill to benefit the City of Maricopa.

Maricopa High School Students served up an example of the culinary training they are receiving.

What I learned...

The High Schools prepare students for college and trade careers via academic rigor, career and technical education, athletics, and clubs.

Contact: Maricopa High School 520.568.8100, or Desert Sunrise High School 520-509-0400.

The Middle Schools offer specialty programming, athletics, and clubs. Contact: 520.568.7110.

The Elementary Schools encourage early childhood leadership Maricopa Unified School District / Homepage (

There is also a tuition-free Maricopa Virtual Academy - 520.568.5196 ext. 1072 -

Did you know...?

There is a Preschool-1st Grade Dual Language Immersion Program and a Community Preschool Program.

A few pictures of the event participants:

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