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R&B Concert Party Jazz Festival - MLM Review

Performances on September 9, 2023, in the Luxe Lounge located at the Ak-Chin Circle featured the amazing band Kreative Culture. Rob Lyrics, Cree Turner, Tracy Sanders, Moe Flavor, RaysInn and the background singers made for a collective powerhouse of entertainers.

We did indeed travel back down memory lane to the 80s 90s and experienced Jazz Fest at its finest.

Robert Hudson aka Rob Lyrics produced an exceptional show. The whole vibe was warm and inviting - no pretenses there. The seating arrangement made for a comfortable and audience engaging experience.

RaysInn and Moe Flavor really stood out, because they are new to MLM. Both are to be followed. MLM was able to get more information on RaysInn. He has done some touring with the likes of T-Pain and bow wow and has recorded tracks with music artists Ne-Yo and Miguel.

Mo Flavor, an exceptional saxophonist brought energy and skill!

As always, comedian Chris Mosley, (Creator of #SillyManTv #childish) didn't disappoint. He is able to "read the room" for immediate comedic material.

Finally, your Hostess for the evening Tracy Sanders (Singer with the "dazzling smile") created a warm and friendly atmosphere. The audience felt like they were "hanging out" with family.

We can't wait for the next event - Shhhhh we hear it may be sometime in November. Don't sleep on it!

By: Chrystal Allen-O'Jon

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Constance Jackson
Constance Jackson
Dec 02, 2023

I think you are doing an amazing job by putting out this magazine. It really is refreshing.

Thank you for all you do.


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