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Actress, Dr. Troy Byer - CEO/ Founder of Mindology Fitness

Updated: Jan 4, 2023

Dr. Troy is a mental health care expert and holds a doctorate in clinical psychology and

specializes in stress reduction, anger management and organic, emotion regulation. Dr. Troy is a best-selling published author and she is the founder of Mindology Fitness an organization that offers fun, effective and affordable mind care to everyone, everywhere. Dr. Troy's books "Ex-Free: 9 Keys To Happiness After Heartbreak" and "How To Be A Powerfully Responsible Bitch & Take Your Life To New Heights" topped Amazon's best-seller list several times. Dr. Troy's last book was inspired by the female domestic abuse perpetrators Dr. Troy has worked with over the years. A show business veteran, Dr. Troy began her on-camera career at the age of four as one of the original cast members on the PBS hit show, Sesame Street. In addition to being a veteran actress, director and screenwriter, On a personal note, Dr. Troy is the bi-racial daughter of a black mother and a white father. Troy has an inspirational story to tell about surviving and being the victor of child abuse, child abandonment, juvie hall and the foster care system. Troy is the proud mother of a 24 year-old son and a 21 year-old daughter.

- IMDb Mini Biography By: Troy Byer -


Q&A With Actress , Dr. Troy Byer

By Chrystal Allen-O'Jon

Maricopa Lifestyle Magazine has had the pleasure of interviewing Dr. Byer. Given the current world health pandemics and psychological issues blamed for the rise in suicide, we wanted a fresh perspective on the psychology of it all.

Since your days of acting, what made you switch to mental health care?

"I was interested in finding a career that was more fulfilling for me, personally. I always wanted to earn a doctorate in clinical psychology but I was so distracted by the glamour and glitter of Hollywood. Eventually, the temptation to remain in Tinseltown subsided, plus, I had been working as a child actor since the age of four and I really just wanted to experience something different. "

Are there issues you feel comfortable sharing from childhood that might help parents deter the current epidemic of youth suicide?

"I think parents need to listen to their kids. When your child tells you they don't emotionally feel well, don't be dismissive about it. The human brain processes emotional pain the same way it processes physical pain, it's processed in the exact same region of the brain. As a result, I want to urge parents to regard a child's heartache with the same level of concern they would address a child's headache. And, if you have a child who is isolated and not a member of a community he or she feels proud to belong to, find one for them. Community and social acceptance can be powerful remedies for depression and suicide ideation. "

Are there any future projects acting or otherwise that you have coming out?

"My primary focus right now is getting the mental health program I designed for children into schools around the country. The program is called Mindology Fitness Kids and it is a fun, effective and easily accessible program that teaches kids how to naturally regulate undesirable emotions like sadness, anger and depression. How the program works is, we teach it to the teachers and the teachers then teach the kids. We are currently on 3 continents and expanding with velocity. The results have been amazing! The program is also available for teens and college students. "

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