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A New Art medium? By Chrystal Allen-O'Jon

Will AI (Artificial intelligence) generated art take the place of human artists? Should we be concerned, or simply see AI generated art as a new art medium? I have so many questions about this new art form.

First, AI Art is defined as Generative Art and is a creation of art designed using a computer process that follows the artist's rules. According to Wikipedia, "AI art is any artwork, particularly images, and musical compositions, created through the use of artificial intelligence (AI) programs, such as text-to-image models and musical generators".

One of the first known AI artworks was created by computer scientist Harold Cohen in the early 1960s. Niio Art-

According to Artland Magazine (, "To create AI-generated art, artists use AI as a creative tool and work with algorithms to set up specific rules through which machines analyze thousands of images to comprehend a particular creation process, like a specific style or aesthetic. The algorithms then generate novel forms, shapes, figures, and patterns to produce new works."

The Top AI Software in 2023 Software

#1: Viso Suite Platform Software

#2: ChatGPT Software Software

#3: Jupyter Notebooks Software

#4: Google Cloud AI Platform Software

#5: Azure Machine Learning Studio Software

#6: Infosys Nia Software

#7: Salesforce Einstein Software

#8: Software

#9: Observe.AI Software

#10: TensorFlow Software

#11: Software

#12: C3 AI Software

#13: IBM Watson Software

#14: DataRobot Software

#15: Tractable Software

#16: Content DNA Platform

What is AI generated art? What are the legal ramifications?

A prime example of AI art issues includes a problem involving Getty Images. Getty Images opened a lawsuit against an AI generator that was suspected of using unlicensed Getty Image photos to create new AI images. In fact, "Getty Images has banned the upload and sale of illustrations".

Is AI-generated art cheating?

In the AI community, AI technology is not seen as cheating, "but instead as a resource to help them write more efficiently".

AI as a hobby

Says Angus Russell founder of Night Cafe Studio about AI Art becoming a hobby. " entire industry will develop around AI “hobbyists.” I’m betting my livelihood on it! " Is AI the new ART Medium? Only time will tell.

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