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Dr. Emily Maxwell - Get to know her

Dr. Emily Maxwell is currently the CTE Director and Assistant Principal for Maricopa High School. She has been in education for 14 years. As an educator, she taught 5th grade, 6th grade, science, and technology integration. She holds a Doctorate’s degree in Organizational Leadership from Grand Canyon University. Her dissertation topic revolves around technostress and teachers. Technology is an integral part of education, but nothing replaces an amazing educator. Emily grew up in a rural town in Missouri. Being the daughter of a farmer and a nurse instilled the importance of a good work ethic. Emily lives in Maricopa with her husband and three dogs, which are spoiled. Her passion is education and learning, but during her free time enjoys being outdoors.

The Maricopa Historical Society and event partners were honored to host 100-plus Maricopa residents on April 15, 2023, in the Celebration of a Maricopa Black Icons Museum Presentation.

Special thanks go to Dr. Emily Maxwell for simply making herself available for event tech support. Dr. Maxwell stopped by and didn't have to do much, but making herself available to support the event was appreciated by all. She is the CTE Director for both Desert Sunrise High School ( and Maricopa High School (Maricopa High School / Homepage (

She is part of the human fabric that makes Maricopa beautiful.

Picture Source: Facebook of Emily Maxwell

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