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Dressing for Warm Maricopa AZ Weather - What French Women Know!

By: Chrystal Allen-O'Jon

How do Parisian (women) dress in the summer?

There are a few principles needed to achieve to dress for warm weather anywhere:

  • Keep colors neutral. Use lots of whites, blacks, and taupe with pops of navy and red. Make use of color in scarves, shoes, etc.

  • Make use minimal patterns. Parisians love their stripes, florals, polka dots, and gingham in the summer.

  • Quality over quantity. Purchase high-quality pieces that are timeless and last season after season. Parisian women don’t do a ton of trends or fast fashion. Trendy pieces tend to be accessories, shoes or they mixed in with their high-quality items.

Summer French staples are:

White pants. These can be linen, jeans, cotton whatever feels good on you is what you should include in your French summer capsule.

Shazzi Samim, a student of fashion via School of the Chambre Syndicale de la Couture Parisienne in PARIS states, "Keep it simple with quality items. One of my all-time favorites outfits for the summer is: wide leg cotton or linen pants, black t shirt and one statement Jewlery piece. I love a nice silver cuff and Hermès Oran sandals".

Shazzi Samimi in Greece with daughter

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