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MAC Artists Reception @ Maricopa Library & Cultural Center

September 9, 2022 - Featured the Work of Abstract Artists

The Maricopa Arts council organization was founded in early 2013 by Maricopa’s creative community as an independent entity established to coordinate, promote, and support Arts events and creative expression in the city by both Arts organizations and Artists across the entire artistic spectrum in their continuing search for excellence. And to enhance the quality of life in our city and region, plus raise local consciousness concerning the many ways in which an active creative sector enriches its host community by working to increase public access to the Arts live. About – Maricopa Arts Council

Present at the MAC Artists Reception at Maricopa Library & Cultural Center was Mayor Nancy Smith, her husband, former Mayor Anthony Smith, with Judith Lang Zaimont, the co-director of the Maricopa Arts Council and a founding member of the Maricopa Music Circle. Composer​ Judith Lang Zaimont -

MLM was on site to view the work of two featured artists: Kau Wilson (7) Kaui Wilson | Facebook and Danielle Lawson (7) Danielle Lawson | Facebook. You must visit Maricopa Library & Cultural Center yourself; our pictures don't do them justice.

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The art was simply amazing. The collaboration between these 2 young artists resulted in some beautiful pieces! Thank you for sharing with us ladies!


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