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Maricopa ARTS Council awards $1,500 to Prize-Winning Slam Poets and Abstract Artists

Updated: Mar 16, 2023

Maricopa ARTS Council is a non-profit corporation whose mission is “Empowering the Arts” in the City of Maricopa. On March 11, 2023 MAC delivered in a big way, awarding a total of $1,500. in prizes to the winners of competitions just concluded in two quite distinct Arts realms: 1. Slam Poetry and 2. Abstract Art .

The Arts double-whammy event took place at Honeycutt Coffee Café and Wine Bar, which often opens its doors to noteworthy local events. The evening event producer was Theatre professional and MAC Co-Director David Vargas .

The producer for the Abstract Art Contest was visual artist and MAC Co-Director Chantelle Fulce..

For future information please contact: Judith Zaimont for Maricopa ARTs Council ( MAC )

  • Judith Lang Zaimont, Composer,

Congratulations to the 2023 Winners!

Maricopa ARTS Council – March 11th Winners List & Contact information:

ABSTRACT ARTISTS Cortney Gayer (1st Prize)

C: 623-205-8118 Work: Untitled

Janna Blackburn (2nd Prize)

C: 480 277-4376

Work: Chasing the Storm

Rosa Stoll (3rd Prize)

C: 480-628-8133

Work: Dreaming in Purple


(1st Prize)

Frankie Marchi

C: 480-440-8824

(2nd Prize)

Ashanti Files

C: 217-418-3711

(3rd Prize)

Seth Walker - Not Pictured

C: 512-529-3410

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