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Maricopa Entertainment Events & Beyond

Local Entertainment

Visit Concert in the Park - Neamen Lyles Experience

National Smooth Jazz Artist - Saxophonist

Date:11/26/2022 2:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Location: Copper Sky Regional Park

44345 W. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.

Maricopa, Arizona 85138

Outside Maricopa Entertainment

Just 15-20 Minutes away consider this venue for good music, food ambiance. Great for Date Night, Singles Night, Church Events. Host very professional business/corporate and private parties and so much more! They DO IT ALL!! Sit back and let them take the wheel.

Triple RRR Production

Plays, Concerts, Event Planning

420 N. Florence St. Casa Grande Az, Casa Grande, AZ, United States, Arizona

(708) 657-7485

Artists in Maricopa and Beyond

Meet Raymond Love of NGE. MLM had the pleasure of seeing Mr. Raymond's Jazz Trio perform this month. The performance was seamless in presentation. The band genuinely enjoyed themselves and entertained the audience. The skill level of the musicians was masterful. MLM looks forward to following.

"NGE is focused on delivering unrivaled client satisfaction by specializing in quality music and entertainment for over a decade”

NG Entertainment (NGE) has performed down through the years with several Grammy Award winning recording artists like Shekinah Glory Ministries, Lisa McClendon, Vicki Winans and many more. We have also opened for and performed with many artists such as Jazz legend George Benson, Sinbad (Comedian), and recording artist Teresa Griffin, to name a few.

Interesting fact: MLM Owner/Founder performed on a Vicki Winans album with Voices of Judah, directed by Jonathan Grier.

To book this amazing band contact them here:

Another friend to Maricopa is I Am Hologram. We first saw him perform at Raceway Grill/Maricopa - .

This artist is energetic and fascinating to watch. When asked how he would describe his music genre' he states "That's been so hard to describe. I conjure music from the 1920's to today. Even venturing into Country now. The alternative tag that many of my influences shunned is fine with me. I feel like an alternative to most other artists. Not better or worse. Just different".

Like so many artists, his interests include podcasts where he features other artists. When asked why he started the podcasts I Am Hologram says, "I wanted another creative outlet. I sought out to make a podcast that didn't sound like anything else. Something that sounded like an interdimensional mushroom trip. While at the same time being informative about the person being interviewed. In the end, I really enjoyed learning about my own speech patterns. In fact, I mostly cut myself from the podcasts and let the person tell their stories".

The way Hologram views the world is what makes his music and performances unique.

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