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Maricopa Police Chief Resigns

Maricopa, Arizona, August, 31, 2022 - After 36 years of dedicated service in law enforcement, Maricopa Police Chief James Hughes has notified the City of his intentions to move on from his position. His final day with the department will be September, 15. Chief Hughes began with the department as a police commander overseeing operations in 2012 and was appointed as Chief in January of 2021. Throughout his career in Maricopa, Chief Hughes has been a champion for community policing policies, fostering effective partnerships inside and outside of the department and maintaining an outstanding reputation of steadfast public trust.

"I have made the difficult decision to move on from my position as Chief of the Maricopa Police Department. This is a community that continues to show unwavering support and respect for its police department and, as such, deserves nothing short of the highest standard of service. I will always cherish the friendships and relationships I have formed with the residents of this great community. I greatly appreciate the respect and support you have shown me over the years and will never forget all of the great memories we shared together."- Chief James Hughes

"All of our success as a community is predicated on our ability first and foremost to ensure the safety of our residents. Chief Hughes has been instrumental in creating a policing culture that understands that mission and carries out its duties with the utmost professionalism. The unparalleled support our officers enjoy from the community is a direct result of his efforts to instill the values of dignity and respect throughout the department. For his service and the service of all our devoted officers, the City of Maricopa extends its sincere gratitude."- Rick Horst, City Manager

The City of Maricopa is committed to maintaining the high level of service provided by Chief Hughes and the Maricopa Police Department. In selecting a replacement, the City will work with a professional recruiting firm to conduct a nationwide search. Police services to the community will continue uninterrupted and command staff will share leadership responsibilities until a permanent replacement is found.

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