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Ocotillo Art & Fine Craft Show 2023

The Ocotillo Artists Group proudly presents the Ocotillo Art & Fine Craft Show. This juried show with live music, is located in the prestigious Ocotillo area of South Chandler, amid the Mediterranean architecture of Downtown Ocotillo. You'll find upscale sushi and steak restaurants, a coffee and wine shop, high end businesses with condominiums and golf and tennis nearby. Under the white tents you'll find local artisans with original painting, jewelry, pottery, photography, wood, glass, mixed media and more. Downtown Ocotillo is located on the SW corner of W. Queen Creek Rd and Dobson Rd. Weather forecast is perfect with lows in the 50/60's and highs in the 80's. GENERAL INFORMATION --------------------------- * Date: Sat April 1, 2023 * Show hours: 9am-4pm * Location: Downtown Ocotillo, 2577 W Queen Creek Rd, Chandler, AZ 85248 * Deadline for Entries: Friday, Feb 24, 2023 * We will limit the total number of jewelers to 20% of total artists. * Jury notification: Within 1 week of application deadline, via email. * LATE application deadline: Friday March 3, 2023 (if space allows) * Outdoor Show will proceed RAIN or SHINE. Show Coordinators reserve the right to cancel in extreme weather or hazardous conditions. If show is cancelled, a discount will be given towards the next organized show. * Promotion for this show will include: social media, printed media, postcards and signage. * Booth Sitters: Volunteers will be available for short breaks for the artists * Free admission to the public FEES ------- $10 Application Fee, NON-refundable $75 Booth Fee for 10'x10' $150 Booth Fee for 10'x20' $100 LATE Booth Fee for 10'x10' $200 LATE Booth Fee for 10'x20' ARTIST REQUIREMENTS --------------------------- * Valid Arizona TPT number is required * City of Chandler must added as a tax region, IF you're selected * Business license number, IF you have a business based in the City of Chandler * Submit 3 photos of your artwork, PLUS 1 photo of your booth setup (4 total). We need quality images, 1 piece of artwork (or grouping) per photo, between 1-12 mb so they will be accepted by the system ( These are also required for our jurors and to publicize the show through social and printed media. * Artists will sell only ORIGINAL artwork and individually handmade items. This may include fine art prints, giclées, note cards, scarves, home decor and other products, as long as the artwork has been designed by the artist. Items mass produced, MLM and food vendors are not allowed. * Artist is responsible for their own day of event insurance, payment system, receipts, collecting and paying taxes to the proper entities. BOOTH DISPLAYS -------------------- * A WHITE 10'x10' tent is required and artists are responsible for providing their own displays, tables, chairs, signage, etc. * 30-40 lb. weights are REQUIRED on EACH leg of your tent. * Booth space will be on pavement. Additional space may be available for displays on side of tent, but not guaranteed. If you need side display space, please contact us or purchase a double space (10'x20') * Artist will be able to load/unload from your vehicle, near your booth. If you have a hand truck or wheeled cart, you may wish to bring it. * Artist/Vendor will NOT have access to electricity, so be sure to bring portable chargers for phones, tablets, etc. * Please use solid table coverings that reach to the ground, if using tables. * All items should be clearly marked with your prices. NO discount or sale signs allowed. Artist may discreetly, discount their work at their own discretion. * Artists may not share a booth. Exceptions at OAG's discretion. * Artist check-in time starts at 7:00am the day of the show and must be ready by the start of the show. NO packing up before the end of the show. * Political artwork and/or signage is not allowed, American patriatism is acceptable. QUESTIONS ? ---------------- Artist Coordinator Asi Panoutsopoulou FOLLOW US AND PROMOTE THE SHOW :) --------------------------------------------- FB & IG OcotilloArtistsGroup and of course your own email list :)

Deadline for entries in 33 days on Feb 24 2023 Notification of Jury Results in 36 days on Feb 27 2023 Show date in 69 days on Apr 1 2023 thru Apr 1 2023

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