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The Foundation for Living Beauty

Updated: Jul 13, 2022

From California to Arizona, they provide Wellness for Women dealing with Cancer! Living Beauty’s Founder Amie Satchu recently became aware of an amazing organization that provides services to more than 900 women dealing with cancer. The Foundation for Living Beauty provides a myriad of events, support services and resources to any woman on a cancer journey, whether newly diagnosed, in mid treatment or beyond.

Says Hillorie McLarty of Music Connection Magazine, “When I found the Foundation for Living Beauty, I discovered an organization that fed the souls of women on their cancer journey. As a breast cancer survivor my soul needed as much help as my body did to fight the cancer and the aftereffects of chemo and surgery”.

Hillorie is now serving on the Board of Directors for the organization. “It is my honor to be of service to other women on this healing journey, to help develop in person and online programs, develop fundraising ideas to keep this amazing organization and to help with outreach so that more women can revive the gifts of the Foundation for Living Beauty.” Hillorie McLarty, Marketing & Advertising Manager at Music Connection Magazine

About The Founder Living Beauty’s founder Amie Satchu was running an internationally distributed hair care company specializing in wigs and hair extensions. Wanting to do something to give back to the women with cancer who bought her products, she decided to launch a non-profit that would provide her beauty products and makeovers to women living with cancer. In the midst of incorporating the nonprofit organization, Amie’s own mother Joni Petersen was diagnosed with multiple myeloma. With her mother as the driving force, The Foundation for Living Beauty was born and Amie’s mission to provide emotional and physical support to women with cancer became her central focus and passion.

Programs The Foundation for Living Beauty offers women with cancer a comprehensive offering of wellness activities designed to assist them in the healing process. Facilitated by experts in their field, Living Beauties are provided with a vast array of programs like Yoga 4 Cancer, nutrition, mindfulness, meditation and more to help them strengthen both their bodies and their spirits. One-on-one support in energy healing, essential oils, nutritional guidance and more allow women to focus on their specific needs in a private, nurturing setting. In addition, women are provided with ongoing opportunities to develop community with other women along the same path.

Nancy Davidson, who Executive Director of the organization wants people to know that they support 47 states. “If you can get there, we sponsor the services”. Their services, whether in-person or online, are free for our Living Beauties. Our in-person events are currently located in California but are (open to women from all over the country).


Please Support Them You can support this very worthy organization:

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