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The Maricopa Rotary Club & MUSD Start Internship Program

Jim Irving, a Maricopa Rotarian and Educator, had a vision to create an internship program for local Maricopa High School Students. The hope was to partner with local organizations in Maricopa that see the value in training and hiring locals. That hope is now a reality.

A few benefits of Internships Programs allow for students to apply theoretical knowledge in the real world, it helps to create and expand on transferable skills, professional connections can be made, it helps to provide resume data and helps to create a higher salary potential.

The benefits to the City of Maricopa are numerous. It helps to boost the local economy. Hiring locally creates jobs and provides training opportunities that wouldn't otherwise be available.

Mr. Irving, a Rotary Club Board Member, created a dream team with the same heart and with the goal of providing job training in partnership with local business owners. The team include La Tonia Bills, MUSD MH College and Career Support Counselor, Chrystal Allen-O’Jon, Owner/Publisher of Maricopa Lifestyle Magazine and Kent O’Jon Owner at O’Jon Enterprises.

The first student chosen this year is Rylan Blader of Maricopa High School. She will report to Chrystal Allen-O’Jon of Maricopa Lifestyle Magazine and take photographic images at events, use digital photography, work in a media environment, create databases, work with Photoshop, Microsoft Office, Google Suite, Zoom, Magazine Art software programs, lay/edit artwork, design modifications of print for online and print magazine projects. She will assist in photoshoot interviews, create graphic designs, copywriting, and other duties as assigned.

The dream team hopes to grow, learn and partner with local business owners. If there are students or business owners who want to be added to the intern program waiting list, please contact


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