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Tonya Thompson - A Beautiful Soul

Tonya Thompson, owner of Maricopa Water and Ice is one of those people who are hard to forget. When she isn't volunteering to help others, she's working hard to run her family-owned business. Maricopa Water and Ice | Facebook.

Maricopa Water and Ice is known for its great customer service. You can always get a scoop of Ice Cream and a smile at 20928 N John Wayne Pkwy, Maricopa, AZ, United States, Arizona (520) 568-4740.

Tonya makes it a point to hire and mentor young people. Her professionalism and real community care is exhibited in her employees as well.

As if she isn't busy enough, she is allowing Maricopa Water and Ice to open its doors once a month to host "Safe House". A place where youth can spend time together, listen to good music, play games, speak freely in a judgement free atmosphere and simply BE.

Maricopa Lifestyle Magazine (MLM)reached out to Ms. Thompson to find out how she radiates such beauty inside and out, particularly when she has been dealing with health issues of late. "My (go to) when I need internal strength and beauty is to go to a quiet place, take a deep breath and handle things moment by moment".

All we know at MLM is - it's working!

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