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Trent Rustan: Creating Business Space

Trent Rustan is currently Vice-President of Commercial Properties, Inc. (Arizona’s largest locally-owned commercial real estate company), where he provides Real Estate Consulting for Investment Clients. His services include: Brokerage, Site Selection/Acquisitions, Due Diligence, Financial Projections, Contract Negotiations, Entitlement Negotiations, Partnership Structuring, Development, Property Management, Project Management, Valuations, Sales, Leasing, and more.

Previously, Trent worked as Senior Vice President and Project Manager at Cole Partnerships where he identified parcels and partners for investments/acquisitions/joint venture development projects, including several in Maricopa. In this position, Trent oversaw all real estate personnel for the company as well as the external design teams including architects, engineers, and construction contractors. In addition to performing due diligence and negotiating entitlements with municipalities and utilities, he helped bring multiple new companies and investment dollars to the community. Currently, Trent is pre-leasing a new commercial project to help Maricopa businesses and residents. He loves the city of Maricopa, has relationships with many City Staff Members, Bankers, Realtors and Business Investors, all of whom want to see Maricopa grow smart. At Porter & Honeycutt there is a plan for new shop space to accommodate restaurants and retailers, as well as, larger flex-commercial space for businesses needing showroom and assembly space. Multiple suite sizes will be available for lease close to Maricopa's recent housing growth. Business owners both small and large are encouraged to contact Trent Rustan at


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