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Tribal Leaders Share Insights at the 28th Annual Indian Nations and Tribes Legislative Day

January 11, 2023, the Governor’s Office on Tribal Relations (GOTR), in cooperation with representatives from the state’s Tribal nations, hosted the 28th Annual Indian Nations and Tribes Legislative Day at the Capitol.

During the event, tribal leaders and legislators discussed issues vital to Tribal Nations and communities within the boundaries of Arizona. Water use and infrastructure issues took the forefront, as Chairman Terry Rambler of the San Carlos Apache Tribe, Chairwoman Tanya Lewis of the Yavapai-Apache Nation, and Chairman Timothy Nuvangyaoma of the Hopi Tribe, addressed the Arizona Senate.

“The annual Indian Nations and Tribes Legislative Day celebrates the rich culture and history of the Tribes and Nations in Arizona,” said Jason Chavez, the newly appointed Director of Tribal Affairs for the Governor’s Office. “In its 28th year, this day offers an opportunity for Tribal leadership to express and share issues and priorities for their communities with our State legislature,” added Chavez.

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