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Words from the Publisher/Owner - Chrystal Allen-O'Jon

Updated: Jun 23, 2022

I was always told growing up "when you dress up, it can make you feel better about yourself". In part, this is true. From my first job interview to speaking engagements, dressing "the part" was always the main consideration. In fact, early on I begin to follow major fashion magazines in awe of the creativity of fashion and jewelry designers. Now that I'm older and hopefully wiser my focus is more on emotional and spiritual health. In this Maricopa Arizona web and print publication, I hope to address and share tips from the local community that affect us all both inside and out. Beauty truly begins with the heart.

Because Maricopa has a wealth of diverse experiences and talents, I hope to draw on and will be looking for beauty and health stories via local interviews.

Relevant advertising web and print is welcome. Please send story ideas to

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