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The Journey of a Maricopa Military Mom with Amber Liermann, City of Maricopa Councilmember

MLM reached out to Amber Liermann to obtain a better understanding of what it's like from a parent's perspective to have a son or daughter enter the U.S. Military.

Q: Tell us a little about your son and the branch of military he enlisted in.

A: Charlie decided he wanted to be attended the United States Air Force Academy when he was in the 7th grade. Making this decision early in his secondary education helped him stay focused on his goal. He was in the Gifted program while attending MUSD. He took Honors and Advanced Placement classes throughout high school. These classes helped him earn the skills and GPA needed to enter the academy. He was in ROTC for 4 years and was a varsity cross country athlete. He was a two-time Gold Medal winner with Skills USA. He participated on the Cyber Patriot Team and was also a Lifeguard at Copper Sky.

Q: As a mom, what was your initial response to his interest and how were you able to come to terms with it?

A: My Father, Grandfather, Great Grandfather and two of my brothers all served in the military. I was proud and not surprised when Charlie decided to serve as well. I believe in serving your country. community and family. I am proud Charlie has adopted this service mindset. I am confident the training he has received and will receive will prepare Charlie to be an outstanding young man. My youngest Son is currently in ROTC and has also expressed a strong interest in serving in the military.

Q: What advice could you share with other mothers on what to do, or not to do when prepping your son or daughter on this new military journey?

When we dropped Charlie off at USAF Academy, the Deputy Director Robert "Joe" Dague, Class of 1981 asked us to trust him with Charlie. I have chosen to do that. I first trust God who gifted me with Charlie (Children are a gift from the Lord. They are a reward from Him. Psalm 127:3) and then to trust Charlie and to trust the Academy. I find comfort that Charlie has told me he "knows the Academy is where he is supposed to be".

Q: What toll, if any, has it taken on the family?

Charlie's decision to attend the USAF Academy has only been a blessing. Charlie has brought pride to our family, our school district, and our community. Whatever "toll" that we may feel in the future will be the price we pay to protect our freedoms in this great country we live in. It is a privilege and honor to serve and protect.

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